Market Analysis and Valuation

Let Catapult help you understand your complex business situation. Catapult conducts a systematic examination of various aspects of a market to understand its dynamics, trends, opportunities, and threats so you are optimally prepared for growth and eventual sale of your business.

Achieve more.

Valuations are used for many different purposes.  These purposes can vary from valuing a gift and estate planning, tax planning, shareholder disputes, divorce proceedings, litigation support, deferred compensations plans, and purchase price allocations.

At Catapult, we don’t do those types of valuations.  If that’s what you need, we have lots of friends and professional connections we can introduce to you for those specific  needs.

If you want to know how much your business is worth when you go to sell and what kind of deal structure you can anticipate, our market analysis is the service for you.



Our report will provide you with a range of potential values as well as deal structure.  Deal structure is simply how much money do you get and when.

Deal structure can come in the form of rollover equity, earnouts, and selling financing.


Improving your business

If you are not happy with your valuation, meaning you need more value to consider selling, we can help you in this situation as well.     We can proforma what your business needs to look like to generate the value that meets your financial needs.

We can also provide recommendations on how to improve the value as well as make introductions to other professionals to implement our recommendations.

Key Features of Our In-Depth Business Valuation Service

Expert Analysis

Our team of seasoned analysts uses cutting-edge methodologies to provide you with accurate and insightful business valuations.

Industry-Specific Insights

We deliver valuations that reflect the unique dynamics and trends of your specific industry, enhancing the relevance and utility of our assessments.

Strategic Recommendations

Alongside our valuation, we offer actionable recommendations to help you optimize your business strategy and increase your market value.

We first engaged Greg DeSimone about four years ago to conduct a formal valuation of our company. Two years later, we were approached by a company who wanted to acquire us. We went back to Greg who not only managed the process, but was able to secure two other offers – which increased the value of the first offer.

In the end – and thanks to Greg’s openness and honesty – we rejected all three offers due to cultural fit for the owners. Greg taught us how to take our successful company and prepare ourselves for an exit strategy.

When the right buyer comes along, we are ready, and will engage Greg again.

– Active Client