Buy Side Advisory Services

Sometimes companies can’t reach their revenue growth goals organically.  They need to grow via acquisition.  More lower to middle market clients are exploring this growth strategy, but are facing a few major hurdles. They either don’t have experience with this strategy, or they don’t have a dedicated team focused on the strategy.  

Catapult buy-side advisory service is your outsourced M&A department.

Services Provided:

Our buy-side advisory services can be customized to your company’s specific needs.

Identifying Potential Acquisition Targets

Based on your company’s specific growth needs.

Marketing Outreach

Dedicated marketing outreach to the predetermined list of acquisition target candidates.

Validate Prospects

Provide market analysis/valuation services for approved prospect companies to help determine a valuation range and negotiation strategy.

Present Prospects

Present and coordinate qualified prosects to your company for preliminary discussions.

Market Analysis/Valuation

Validating and qualifying the prospects that express interest to ensure they meet your company’s investment criteria.

IOIs and LOIs

Create, present, and negotiate Indications of Interest (IOI’s) and Letters of Intent (LOI’s)

Virtual Data Room

Manage the virtual data room as part of the due diligence process.


Due Diligence

Coordinate with the company’s due diligence team during the due diligence process.

Key Resources

Provide recommendations to the company for sourcing and hiring key resources for the diligence process (i.e. Quality of Earnings, Tax, Legal, Insurance, Cyber, HR and Employees, and other specialized areas that may arise during the process).


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